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Welcome to PAW! The Partnership for Animal Welfare (PAW) is a non-profit group of volunteers chartered to facilitate the rescue and adoption of homeless domestic animals, mainly dogs and cats, and place them in loving and stable homes. Adoption shows are held in the suburban Maryland area several times a month to allow prospective owners to meet with the animals and with volunteers.

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Buy online at http://buy.entertainment.com/LG0PBV. Note that our price is the discounted price, and PAW gets a donation for every book purchased!

If you prefer to buy direct from PAW, or you have any questions, please contact call David at (301) 613 2252 or send an email to David for more information.

Give to PAW through the United Way/CFC campaigns. Our CFC number is 65456, and our United Way number is 8156 (for the National Capital Area only). Please note that PAW's CFC/United Way number may be different for other geographic areas.

How would you like to help?

  • Adopt a homeless cat or dog
  • Volunteer with the rescue group
  • Foster a homeless cat or dog
  • Donations online or by mail, sponsor a special needs animal, get a MD spay/neuter license plate, name a pet, visit our online store, buy magazines or books to earn money for PAW, and more

Before and After Care Information:

PAW, P.O. Box 1074, Greenbelt, Maryland 20768

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