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Jody Jody DSH Brown Female 1 year Sweet girl!
Jasmine Jasmine DSH Brown and black Female 1 year Shy girl
Cello Cello DSH Orange Male 5 months Big personality
Eclipse Eclipse DSH Black Female 5 months Purr machine!
Vex Vex DSH Gray Male 5 months Playful!
Weggie Weggie DSH Dilute tabby Female 6 months Loves to cuddle!
Thomas Thomas DSH Black and white Male/N 4 years Super affectionate!
Hendrix Hendrix DSH Calico Female/S 10 years Guest Cat: Incredibly affectionate! Declawed
Klondike Klondike Orange Male/N 9 months Adorable buff tabby!
Buddy Buddy DSH White w/ grey/brown Male/N 3 years Love bug!
Clarence Clarence White with grey/brown Male 9 months Shy and Very Sweet! Adopted!
Fizz Fizz DSH Orange Male 10 months Playful and affectionate!
Sno Sno DSH Buff Male 10 months Playful and affectionate!
Baylee Baylee DSH Brown tabby Female/S 3 years Young & affectionate, Adopted!
VC VC DSH Grey tuxedo Male/N 3 years Guest Cat: Sweet ex-stray looking for a forever home
Sylvester Sylvester DSH Grey tabby w/white Male/N 1-1/2 years Very affectionate
Toby Toby DSH Grey tabby w/white Male/N 4 years Guest Cat: Likes to play with the resident small dog
Maggie Maggie DSH Silver-blue Female/S 4 years Guest Cat: Enjoys playing with laser lights
Blackjack Blackjack DSH Black Male/N 4 years Sweetheart
Kisa Kisa DSH Gray and white Female/S 10 years Sweet
Mama Blanca Mama Blanca DSH Brown tabby Female/S 8 years Sweet, affectionate

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