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Mango Mango DSH Orange Female/S 3 months Adopted!
Kitai Kitai Maine Coon Orange Female/S 3 years , declawed
Bananas Bananas DSH Orange Female 3 months  
Noodles Noodles DSH Orange Female 3 months Adoption pending
Shadow Shadow DSH Black/white Male 11 weeks  
Sunshine Sunshine DSH Calico Female 11 weeks  
Bob Bob DSH White tabby Male/N 1-1/2 years Adopted!
Bobby Bobby Russian Blue Smoke grey Male/N 2 years Adopted!
Summer Summer DSH Tabby Female/S 11 months Adopted!
Daisy May Daisy May DSH Tabby Female/S 9 months Adopted!
Bugs Bunny Bugs Bunny DSH Grey Male/N 2-1/2 years  
Daffy Duck Daffy Duck DSH Grey Male/N 2-1/2 years  
Zeebo Zeebo DSH White/solid gray Male/N 1 year  
Biscuits Biscuits DSH Tabby Female/S 1-1/2 years Adoption pending
Tiger Tiger DLH Grey tabby Female/S 4 years Guest Cat
Night Night DLH Black Male/N 4 years Guest Cat

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