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England England DSH Gray tabby Female/S 13 years Guest Cat: Sweet girl
Chandler Chandler DSH Black and white Male/N 10 months Happy boy
Odin Odin DSH Brown and white tabby Male/N 10-1/2 months Let this boy lift your spirits!
Dorothy Dorothy DMH Calico Female/S 1-1/2 years Sweet Girl
Lucchesi 2 Lucchesi 2 DSH Gray tabby Female/S 1 year Lovable twins! (Guest Cat)
Baby Ruth Baby Ruth DSH Brown tabby Female/S 1-1/2 years Sweet Momma! (Guest Cat)
Lucchesi 1 Lucchesi 1 DSH Gray tabby Male/N 1 year Lovable twins! (Guest cat)
Lucy Lucy DSH Black and white Female 5 years Guest Cat: Kitty Queen!
Eclipse Eclipse DSH Black Female 8 months Purr machine!
Weggie Weggie DSH Dilute tabby Female 9 months Loves to cuddle!
Hendrix Hendrix DSH Calico Female/S 10 years Guest Cat: Incredibly affectionate! Declawed
Fizz Fizz DSH Orange Male 1 year Playful and affectionate!
Sno Sno DSH Buff Male 1 year Playful and affectionate!
Sylvester Sylvester DSH Grey tabby w/white Male/N 2 years Very affectionate
Blackjack Blackjack DSH Black Male/N 5 years Sweetheart
Kisa Kisa DSH Gray and white Female/S 10 years Sweet
Mama Blanca Mama Blanca DSH Brown tabby Female/S 8 years Sweet, affectionate

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