Bentley came to the shelter as a stray. The shelter workers begged PAW to take him since they saw he was such a great dog who somehow kept getting overlooked at the shelter.

We're so glad we took this sweet boy in. Bentley is at that perfect age - young enough to have energy and old enough to have house manners and not be destructive or need crating. He likes to run around in a fenced yard, but going on long walks is even better.

Bentley loves being around people and just wants to hang out in the same room with them. He does the "Lab lean," leaning against your body to get even closer to you, or pushing his head under your arm.

Bentley would be happy to be an only dog so he could soak up all the love from his people. He could also get along with another dog if introduced properly. He would be a good family dog for children 10 years and up.

This handsome, affectionate boy is ready to trot into his forever home and shower his family with love.

Update from Bentley's foster mom:
BENTLEY is a perfect gentleman in his foster home. He does not jump on furniture or beg for food. He knows sit, down, and shake. He takes treats very gently. He will "stay" by his food bowl until he gets the OK signal to eat.

He gets excited when the leash is pulled out, and a mile-long walk is just a warm-up for him. He loves car rides and settles nicely in the car.

BENTLEY perks up when he sees a squirrel or rabbit on his walks, but doesn't try to chase it as if he knows he couldn't catch it! He can be cranky around new dogs, so dog parks would be too stressful for him. But he is fine hanging out with his two foster hound brothers and he sleeps on a dog bed near them and his foster mom.

BENTLEY is sweet, low maintenance, and easy to love.

If you would like to meet Bentley, or for more information about him or any of the other wonderful PAW dogs, contact us at pawdogs@yahoo.com



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Last updated 19 September 2011