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Denver! What a gorgeous pup, well young lady. Denver was turned into the shelter because the family said they had too many dogs. Imagine after six years with them they irresponsibly let her get pregnant and deliver pups and kept the pups and turned Denver away. She's a lucky girl to be out of that unfortunate situation.

Denver is sweet as the day is long. She's gentle and a gorgeous girl and seems fine with other friendly dogs. Being a little older Denver is over the puppy behaviors and ready to be an awesome friend. Contact us soon to meet this precious girl.


UPDATE: DENVER has had an overnight or two with volunteers with other pets, both dogs and cats. She was ecstatic to be outside in a safely fenced yard and tennis court, leaping and playing with the other dogs that are into playing, tossing toys in the air and running and running until she was all tired out so exercise is a necessary part of her new lifestyle. She is really smart so would probably excel in training classes too. This girl is a young and happy six year-old, a joy to watch and really hard to believe she is actually six but that is what the previous owner said. Denver is housebroken.


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If you are interested in meeting Denver or for more information about her or any of the other wonderful PAW dogs, contact us at pawdogs@yahoo.com

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