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The following dogs, in addition to hundreds of other animals, were saved from abandonment and death by PAW's dedicated and caring rescuers. If you would like to join the ranks of the world's most wonderful volunteers, and can devote as little as three hours a month to helping place PAW animals in stable, loving homes, come to a volunteer orientation. See our adoption show schedule adoption show schedule for scheduled orientation sessions in addition to show dates, locations and directions.
Adoptable Dogs
Name Photo Breed Color Sex Age Size Notes
ADAM X basset tan Male/N 1 yr 28 lb ADOPTED
BELLA X beag/basset tri Female/S 2 yr 25 lb ADOPTED
Benji X shep/chow red/brn Male/N 1 yr 38 lb looking for a fresh start
BISHOP X dobie brn/tan Male/N 1 yr 58 lb loveable pup
Bobo X hound brn/wht Male/N 7 yr 48 lb gets along great on 3 legs UPDATED
Brad X fox terr tan/cream Male/N 10 yr 33 lb ADOPTED
Cody x foxhnd wht/brn Male/N 4 yr 55 lb Ready for a fresh start
Daisy May X hound brn/blk/wht Female/S 1 1/2 yr 40 lb such a sweetie UPDATED
Dash X brder coll blk/wht Male/N 3 yr 60 lb dashing boy
Henry X terr tri Male/N 2 yr 12 lb ADOPTED
KATIE X lab blk/wht Female/S 2 yr 50 lb Joyful
Marco X chi blk/wht/brn Male/N 2 yr 16 lb Mr Personality
Mia beagle tri Female/S 1 yr 18 lb lovely girl
MURPHY X lab tan Male/N 4 yr 60 lb nice boy UPDATED
PADDY X amer bulldog wht/brn Male/N 1 yr 56 lb happy boy UPDATED
Paws X aussie brn/wht Female/S 9 yr 33 lb ADOPTED
Reno X lab blk Male/N 8 mo 50 lb playful pup
Rocket Amer Staff brindle Male/N 4 yr 82 lb loves to romp
Rowan X jindo red Male/N 3 yr 37 lb sweet demeanor
Sally Jo X lab/hound brn/blk Female/S 1 yr 30 lb great family dog
Scarlet beagle/lab blk Female/S 1 yr 23 lb ADOPTED
Shandy X beag tri Female/S 3 yr 40 lb lively girl UPDATED
Shelby X hound brndle/wht Female/S 3 yr 42 lb Beautiful girl, quick learner
Stuart X plott hound brindle Male/N 8 yr 50 lb lovable boy
TAIGA X lab silver Male/N 2 yr 65 lb ADOPTED
WINSTON x rottie/shep blk/brn Male/N 3 yr 77 lb big goofball

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PAW Dog Adoptions Coordinator:
e-mail: pawdogs@yahoo.com
Last updated 18 January 2017 ALB