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[LIVIE ] What a doll Livie is! Hard to believe she was picked up stray and never claimed. Livie is a "petite" lab, possibly pit, mix. On walks, she handles like an exquisite European sports car - fast fast fast, and fun fun fun. Her spunky, curious personality makes her a companion who will never bore you. And she retrieves! She will play fetch for hours on end with a chew toy or tennis ball — she understands the game so well, she drops the tennis ball and rolls it to you with her paw! Livie is a clever dog - she’s a fast learner and loves her treats, so she is able to pick up on commands easily. She responds well to snuggles and will curl up at your feet after a long walk.

[LIVIE ] Livie loves meeting new people and wants to meet other dogs, but she can be an over enthusiastic greeter. She will definitely benefit from training and we have no doubt she will become a more polite greeter and all-around good canine citizen. Livie would be a great walking or jogging partner, and would probably do really well with additional training in agility or sports. Livie sleeps nicely in her crate and is house trained. Her experiences in her short life have made her wary of strangers and small children, so she would do best in a home with kids 10 and up. If you’ve got the time and ability to train her thoroughly, we are sure she will blossom and reward you with years of adventure and fun! [LIVIE ]

If you are interested in meeting Livie or for more information about her or any of the other wonderful PAW dogs, contact us at pawdogs@yahoo.com

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Last updated 31 August 2017