Our bright-eyed Midge is cute as a button and very smart! She is curious about her surroundings and loves to go for walks. She also enjoys a good run in a securely fenced yard. This energetic girl likes to end a hard day of playing with her toys and her humans by snuggling under the covers with her special person. She is a loyal and loving companion.

Although Midge is a little dog, you can’t convince her of that! She thinks she is a big guard dog, ever watchful while you sleep. Those big ears reflect Midge’s keen sense of hearing and she will alert you to noises nearby. Her watch-dog tendencies may be appreciated by her family, but her vocalizations would not be suitable for apartment living.

Midge likes children and would be good in a home with kids over 8 years old who know how to treat a dog. She likes to soak up the love from her humans, but would also enjoy another dog to play with. Midge likes to chase cats, so a home without cats or with cats that are dog-savvy would be best.

If you are ready for a spunky, loving friend, please check out Midge!

If you would like to meet Midge, or for more information about her or any of the other wonderful PAW dogs, contact us at pawdogs@yahoo.com



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Last updated 20 February 2010