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Here's Priscilla! Is she your "One and Only"?

Our girl Priscilla (“Cilla”), is a foxhound/beagle mix. Watch Priscilla on youtube. Cilla lived in a kennel for a very long time and became lonely and depressed. So, to lift her spirits, PAW treated her to a doggie haven out in the country, where she has learned to romp and be joyful again. Now that Cilla is back to her old bouncy self, PAW is looking for her forever home.

[PRISCILLA ] Cilla is a keenly observant girl who needs long-term stability and loving, patient adults who understand that a four-legged family member needs an investment of time and effort to make her feel secure, safe—and loved. Once she gets to know you, she’s very affectionate and can’t get close enough! Her current foster mom marvels at her intelligence—you might say she’s the thinking person’s dog. Also, she acts more “houndy” than she does “beagley,” which means that she would love a fenced-in yard where she can zoom around and play with her people. Someone who will take her for brisk walks and who works from home would be ideal—or at least someone who does not leave her alone for several hours. She's not fond of kitties, and she gets along with some dogs, not all, so we suggest that she be the “one and only” girl for you! Cilla will at first need a little more attention than some dogs, but she's well worth the effort. Call Lisande at 301-366-2577 if you’d like to learn more about Cilla or email Lisande@MSN.com. Please share. [PRISCILLA ]


If you are interested in meeting Priscilla or for more information about her or any of the other wonderful PAW dogs, contact us at pawdogs@yahoo.com

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