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Bubba's Bubbly New Home

PAW first learned of Bubba the Pacu (a Peruvian fish) from a cruelty investigator. She alerted us that a permanent home was needed for Bubba or he would have to go to the animal shelter. Bubba had been a mascot at a local business, but was privately owned by an employee. The employee terminated his job at the business and left Bubba behind. The business no longer wanted Bubba and no one wanted to take on the responsibility of caring for him. Bubba was also outgrowing his aquarium! The cruelty investigator -- who is also a PAW volunteer -- asked for PAW's help in finding Bubba a permanent home.

PAW is here to help all creatures and we were very fortunate to find a family to adopt Bubba. Bubba has been adopted by our own wonderful PAW volunteers Reginald and Melissa Arnold. Reginald is a pro on caring for fish and made the transition go easy for Bubba.

Bubba was transported from the office aquarium (which was a bit too small for comfort) to a larger, 150-gallon tank at the Arnold's home. Reginald reports that Bubba seems quite happy and is more active in the larger tank, having more space to swim and freely turn around. Bubba is about 18 inches long and 10 inches high -- he is no small fish for sure! Bubba is approximately 16 years old; pacus can live to be 50 years old. "There are 20 species of the Pacu in Brazil and some of them can weigh about 65 pounds. This amazing fish lives in the Amazon Basin in South America. Its habitat is slow fresh waters in the rain forests. Their diet consists of ripe fruit and nuts that drop into the river." Pacus become very calm during feeding and may allow you to even pet their head. Some of the fruits that Bubba enjoys are cantaloupe, strawberries, bananas, and grapes. He also has been known to eat pasta. Many thanks to Reginald and Melissa for giving Bubba a better life. This experience has educated us all about proper fish care and needs.

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