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On October 2, 2001 we lost our wonderful kitty, Shadow, to diabetes. Our home was just not the same without him. We've always been a 'cat' family, so it went without question that we would adopt another kitten. Never in our wildest dreams did we imagine we'd get two kitties. My mom actually suggested this. You'd have to know my mother to appreciate the fact that she tolerates cats, but is not really a cat lover, even though she grew up with them.
So, one Sunday afternoon my son and I found ourselves in PetSmart "just to take a look" at adoptable kittens. It was love at first sight. Two brothers, ready for adoption. Castor was ready to go right then. Pollux wasn't quite sure, but if his brother thought it was a good idea, so did he. That's the personality of my two boys (my pet name for them).

Castor and Pollux have brought so much joy and love into our home it's unbelievable. Castor even has my mom hooked. He just walks up and settles himself in her lap. Now who could resist that! Pollux is the actor. He can't be still in your lap. He turns this way and that to get a better scratch. Who could ask for anything more?

Jackie Holmes

Castor and Randy

Addendum: October 2002

Here are some photos I took this summer. I've taken so many pictures, I need a new battery for my camera.

As you will see, one of their favorite past-times is looking at the sights out the front window. Now if I can wean them away from my crochet yarn, I'll be doing good. I have to keep it under lock and key because Pollux has figured out how to get the yarn out of the bag and if Castor gets a hold of it, it's allllll over the house (hahahaha) even up the stairs.

I can't believe how my mom has taken to both boys. She picks them up and pats them. They haven't managed to convince her to let them lay in her lap yet, but Pollux is working on her.

Jackie Holmes

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