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I'm so happy!

Csarina's story is especially satisfying to tell. When she first came to PAW, she was quite vocal about not liking any other cats! We also discovered that she has asthma, which requires regular medication to control. This made it hard to find a good home for her, so she waited quite a while... But she finally found her dream home with Danielle and her husband! AND she has adapted well and gets along with their two cats and dog!

Csarina has been doing well so far; we could hardly believe it, but within days she was venturing out to explore around the house. In fact, she tolerates the dog extremely well, and even lies down on the floor near him (within two feet) when I am in the room. I don't know if it's because she has never been close to a dog before, but she seems to have very little fear of him :) It helps that the dog has barely noticed that she exists!

She hisses at the Stripe and Humphries, but has made no move towards them. She simply runs back into my office where she seems to feel safest and waits for me. Hump is the only one who seems semi-interested in her---Stripe could care less. She isn't thrilled with them, but seems to deal with their presence so far.

Since my last email, Csarina has continued to adapt well to her new home. She follows me around, and likes to sleep on the couch downstairs. Whenever I watch tv, she's right there on the armrest, snoozing. She seems content to nap wherever we happen to be, and as I type this, she has wandered back into the office and has jumped into the window to watch the birds outside.

She is very talkative, and loves kitty treats, except when the boys are too close. She prefers to eat separately from them--and near me, if possible (I think she thinks I will protect her from the boys). Had my husband take this picture of Csarina and myself. She loves to get up on the chair behind me when I'm working and sleep with her head through the railings. She is a very sweet little girl, and is behaving herself quite well.

Danielle Franks

Csarina curled up happily next to Danielle

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