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Dinah was adopted in July 2001. It's been 2 years and things are going wonderfully! Dinah began her adopted life as a city cat, as her first home was a studio apartment in Washington, DC. I think she is still a city girl at heart, but is definitely enjoying her new life in a house in the suburbs.

Since moving to the suburbs, Dinah has made new friends and has an extended family! She most enjoys playing with Lucky, the resident 4-year-old rescued lab mix. We weren't sure how Dinah and Lucky would do together, but they have become the best of friends! When Dinah's not kneading or sleeping in Lucky's dog bed, she enjoys teasing him and making him chase her. (Of course, he rarely catches her, and when he does, they usually lick one another). They also enjoy staring contests, hide and seek, and Dinah's personal favorite, "I can sleep on the bed and you can't." Dinah's days are spent gazing out the sliding doors in the family room where she enjoys chattering her teeth at the neighborhood birds and squirrels, and taking cat naps in her bed. She also loves to scratch on her scratch boxes and make a mess of the food in her food dish. Her favorite toy is a rainbow felt cat chaser that she carries around the house in her mouth while meowing.

Dinah is quite a character! She is a confident, relaxed, "cool" cat, yet she can be crazy and kooky! She's a real love bug and we just love her to pieces! I fell in love with her the first time I saw her on the PAW website, and she is just loved more and more every day! Thank you PAW!

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