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Firefly's Gift

I was looking for a Siamese or Siamese-mix kitty that was social and dog friendly since I live with two golden retrievers. When I first saw Firefly (a flame-point Siamese mix) on the Internet, he captivated me. He was described as shy and in need of quiet home, but that was not what I was looking for in a kitty. Yet I was inexplicably drawn to him.

I contacted PAW and arranged to meet Firefly. After meeting him, there was no question that he was coming home with me. Obviously fearful and mistrusting, he nevertheless remained very sweet and gentle.

With each passing day I could see Firefly's fear of me diminishing, his trust in me growing. Firefly has been with me for two months and although I have given him the chance to enjoy life, as his life was meant to be, I have received so much in return. I am the recipient of a wonderful gift every day as I watch him blossom into a happy, self-confident and loving kitty.

Firefly's wonderful purrsonality continues to emerge and he is quite a character. He follows me around, sits on my lap, sleeps cuddled next to me, plays with the dogs, and has become an integral member of my little pack. Life for both of us will never be the same.

Adopting a shy kitty is not for everyone, but believe me the rewards are great. If you are willing to make the commitment to one of these wonderful, but shy kitties, you will be the true winner.


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