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This is a "Happy Ending" story, but being selfish parents, we prefer to call it a "Many Happy Beginnings" Story. Hildi (then Clementine) a 1 1/2 year old German Shepherd, stole our hearts at the Laurel Petco at a PAW show. Four days later she took up residence with her new Mom, Dad and Sister Chula, a 15 1/2 year old Golden Retriever. The very first night the three of us fell in love with her kind heart, affectionate ways,and fabulous manners of which cannot be learned but come from inside. And then the most wonderful thing happened. SHE FELL IN LOVE RIGHT BACK.

So many new beginnings..... In the first days, I would look at her and just feel permanently indebted to ALL the PAW volunteers that did their part to bring her to me.

After such a lonely and sad childhood, she approached the world and all her new friends with nothing but optimism. What a lady.

We had so much to learn about one another and all approached the situation with great excitement and anticipation. Especially Hildi..... As is the custom with all new mothers, Grandma had to come and stay with us after Hildi arrived. A new baby can be hard work for a mom, and Grandma needed her puppy fix. Hildi learned quite quickly that she liked kisses in mass quantity, belly rubs, her new yard, tennis balls (after they are sufficiently chewed, of course), goodies on top of her dry food, gardening (to daddy's dismay), going for walks, runs, and just about anything you have to offer. If anyone in her family is doing it, its the best thing in the entire world to Miss Hildi. And if nothing happens to be going on, just keeping an eye on them is just fine.

She has grown from being the new kid on the block to being just the BABY, Her rules have been passed into law over the last several months..... ie: no one does ANYTHING without Hildi's help and prior approval. NO VACUUMING unless she is otherwise occupied with one of her chew toys in the yard. AND ABSOLUTELY NO KISSING if she happens to be busy.

Of course, having a pup around requires a lot of pre-planning, but a little puppy proofing and a lot of mutual love and respect, everything just works itself out....... Sure, we had some casualties, some baskets, MOM'S GLASSES, a few of Chula's stuffed animals, but its all part of growing up!!!!! We have alll grown up sooooo much but mostly we have all grown TOGETHER in the whole process. We again send our THANKS to PAW for playing the more than competent matchmakers that they are!!!!!!!

We look forward to many many many more happy beginnings.........

Affectionately with BIG SLOPPY KISSES

Hildi, Chula, Mark & Chris!!!!!!

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