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Mai Tai is doing great! He's 12 pounds now and quite handsome! He's a very good boy. The kids are constantly picking him up and carrying him around the house. He is very tolerant of that and I know he will miss them when school starts again. He's bright and a quick learner, needing only a few reprimands to learn what is appropriate. His favorite perch is his hammock near his cat tree where he can lie in the sun and watch the birds or the fish in the aquarium. We all love him very much.

I got the second picture by just sitting and waiting with the camera ready to take a picture when he yawned. It looks like he has his front legs stretched out, but he's just lying with them stretched out in front of him. It's one of our favorites, we all laugh every time we see it.

Margaret Suddeth & family

O sole meow!!

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