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I would like to share our happy ending with you. It all started when I was surfing the web and found your "adoptable dogs" page. Looking through the descriptions we saw a wonderful picture of Muffin (although she was called Galaxy back then). Her perky attitude and bright eyes instantly pulled at our hearstrings! We couldn't wait to meet her that next weekend at an adoption show. We were afraid somebody would adopt her before we had the chance! At the show, it was love at first site. She loved the treats we snuck in and we loved her! Muffin had been adopted previously as a puppy but returned because of her high energy level. However with a nice yard and innumerable hours of catch she become only moderately hyper! :) A few months later we took Muffin to visit her foster Mom, Jinny, at an adoption show. We wanted to show Jinny how far Muffin had come in her obediance training -- to show off really. But sitting on Jinny's lap was her new foster dog, Sophie. We hadn't meant to, but looking at the cute little pup we decided that we couldn't walk away from her. That night Sophie became a little sister to Muffin. Sophie was one of two surviving pups from a litter that had been rescued and she had the energy and spirit to keep Muffin on her toes.

We want to thank PAW from the bottom of our hearts for doing such a wonderful job. You have given us the 2 greatest dogs in the world!!! I have attached their pictures so that you can see for yourself!

Jennifer Hamilton and Edward Ost

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