6:37 am   


Nelson came to live with us (my husband Derek, myself and Newman, the cat) upon adoption from PAW - where he had been rescued from some pretty harsh, neglectful circumstances. He had a great foster mom who loved him dearly....but when he came to us he still had to learn how to trust and accept love and kindness from human beings...especially from men.

Nelson is now a very happy hound dog....we even taught him how to use his god-given gift of howling with us.....I am sure our neighbors appreciate that! hehehe. Nelson loves his bones and squeaky toys...and has a toy box full of treasures that he plays with every night!

Nelson has progressed a very long way in the past two years he has lived with my husband and I. I thank God every day that PAW (and his foster mom) rescued him and allowed him to fill our hearts with his love!

Thank you to all of the PAW members.


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