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When last I wrote, we had moved to a farm in upstate New York. Rufio, the blind collie we adopted from PAW in Dec 1999, really seemed to love his new life there....all those good smells and interesting sounds. He even liked all that snow (165" total our first winter there). Unfortunately, his owners weren't quite as enthralled, especially about the snow and the two nasty ice storms they experienced. So, we packed up last summer and headed back to Maryland, this time to the Eastern Shore, where the winters are kinder & gentler (at least so far!). Rufio has adapted very well (he's such a sweetie), although at first we think he kept hoping a ride in the car meant he was going back to the farm. He loves lounging about in the grass, listening to the birds sing, and hiding out in the shade of our bald cypress trees. He really seems to believe that we can't see him peeking out through the soft, lower branches! His favorite indoor game is playing fetch the tug toy (which has a ball attached to each end). He can be quite insistent when he thinks it's time to play! Here are a few pictures.....a couple of Rufio while still in NY (he's wearing his muttluks in one) and a third photo showing him back in Maryland. Thank you again, PAW! We're so grateful he came into our life. He's truly an amazing dog!

Sincerely, Carol and Bill Edwards

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