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I fell in love with Sebastian as soon as I saw his picture on the PAW web page. I had grown up with a Siamese cat and missed their unique personalities. When I first saw his picture on the web page, I had just adopted another cat, Bombay, from the Maryland SPCA and didn't think I could handle two cats. However, after a few months I realized that both Bombay and I would benefit from having another cat join the family. Luckily, Sebastian had not been adopted yet.

When his foster mom, Suzanne, brought him to my home I was a little anxious, second guessing my decision to bring a second cat into the household. However, while Suzanne was holding Sebastian he reached a paw out to me and I knew that I had to keep him. He was shy and nervous at first, spending most of his time under my bed. Even as frightened as he was, however, he was desperate for attention and when I would go into the bedroom to talk to him, he would come out from under the bed and demand to be petted and held. As he gets more comfortable in the house he gets more talkative and demands as much attention as I can give him, which I am happy to provide.

Things were also a little rough at first between Bombay and Sebastian. There was a lot of hissing and growling and whenever Bombay got the chance she would chase Sebastian back under the bed. The breakthrough in their relationship came when I had to take Sebastian to the vet. When I brought him back to the house and let him out of his carrier he ran directly to Bombay, they touched noses and have been friends ever since. I guess when they were separated for even a little while they missed each other. Now they spend a lot of time chasing each other around the house or curled up together at my feet when I am sleeping.

Sebastian in still nervous with strangers, but I am confident that with patience and love he will get over his fears. He is no longer afraid of me or Bombay at all and is always following one or the other of us around. I can no longer sit down without having Sebastian take his place on my lap. It is wonderful. Bombay and I are very happy that Sebastian has come to join our family, and we look forward to many years of happiness together.

Larisa Dolhancryk

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