4:44 am   


He stood with a crumpled piece of newspaper in his mouth catching our eye and he still likes to chew the daily news in addition to many other things around the house. Porkchop, as he was known then, was actively jumping around in his fenced enclosure at PetSmart, Bowie, MD, wagging his cute little, cropped tail and looking up at us with those dark, "take me home", puppy dog eyes. Renamed Trevor after adoption, he was exactly what we have been looking for as a great addition to our home. He is a yellow Labrador mix and we will be celebrating his first birthday on 7/25/99. Trevor gets everything a spoiled child might get, when he wants it; however, we like to say "he is not spoiled, he is well loved." Thanks to PAW, we are blessed with a great companion and playmate, not only for the two of us but also for our adopted seven-year-old chocolate lab, Richard.

Glenn Smith and Paul Stearns

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