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Zeus Zesu

I thought that you guys might appreciate a happy update on one of your former adoptees. We adopted Zeus in late February, 2000. He was being fostered by Virginia Rogers, who had him shipped back with her after a trip to Greece, where he was a stray street dog. He was shy, uncertain, and a little afraid at first, but with a little help he has grown into a wonderfully confident, happy guy.

Zeus has since become an agility star - he easily qualified for the 2003 NADAC Championships, although we did not attend since they were soooo far away (in Calgary!) and recently earned his NADAC Agility Trial Champion (NATCH) title! He has also done well in obedience, earning his U-CD, as well as earning his HCT in herding, and his Canine Good Citizen award. We are also working on tracking. And of course Zeus *always* enjoys playing ball or frisbee, going for runs in the forest, hiking, camping, lure coursing, swimming, etc. He still worships his older "brother" Sprout, and he has even surprised himself by getting to be good friends with the two stray kitties we adopted two years ago. He is just a wonderful, sweet, smart, athletic and talented dog - he is a great poster child for rescue dogs being able to do it all and do it well!

We are always so thankful to Virginia Rogers and to PAW Rescue for saving Zeus's life, because we can't imagine life without him.

Zeus has a web page where you can see pictures of hm doing some of his favorite things:


(It is very photo-intensive, so it may take a little while to load.)

Andrea Lengi

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