The Healing Touch

The following tip comes from the article, "5 Star Behavior Improvers: Holistic Methods," by Janine Adams in the magazine, Pets: Part of the Family.

TTouch: The Healing Touch

A massage technique developed by Linda Tellington-Jones, TTouch employs a variety of hands-on methods, including making small circles on the animal's skin, to help animals move past habitual patterns of behavior and emotional response and to relieve stress, discomfort, and pain.

The technique is described in the book "The Tellington TTouch: A Revolutionary Natural Method to Train and Care for Your Favorite Animal," by Linda Tellington-Jones (Penguin, 1995).

Scores from 3 respected trainers:
Suzanne Clothier: *****
Linda Goodman: *****
Gail Hunter: *****
Average score: 5 stars

The only method on our list to receive a top score from each of the panelists, TTouch is a favorite.

"I have used TTouch with every kind of behavior problem you can think of -- from aggression to excruciating fearfulness," says Clothier, "and with amazingly good results."

Clothier comments that TTouch may appear to work dramatically on its own, but "this underestimates the reality that, in shifting your mind and heart to do TTouch, you change many other aspects of your interaction with your dog: There is more respect, more empathy, greater willingness to listen, and overall, a greater openness to the dog."

Hunter uses TTouch for almost all behavior, from obedience to aggression and fear. "It's an amazing tool to help calm puppies and dogs and also to help their owners relax as well.

I use it in puppy classes to help curb the biting. TTouch offers an opportunity for deeper bonding between animals and their people." Goodman enthuses, "I love TTouch" it is amazing to see the changes that TTouch can bring about."

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