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Hide and Seek

Teach your puppy or newly adopted dog this fun game, and you'll be teaching him or her to come at the same time.

  • Choose a sizable area inside your home, or a safely fenced area outdoors.
  • Put your puppy in a sit-stay, or have someone else hold his leash.
  • Hide behind a tree or if inside, a piece of furniture.
  • Wait five seconds, then call him excitedly.
  • When he finds you, praise him verbally with lots of love and petting. For many dogs, it increases the effectiveness to pair the praise with a food tidbit and/or a favorite toy.
  • Make each hiding place a little farther away and a little harder to find.
  • Sometimes vary things by returning to your dog and end the game at that point, so your dog will not think he always has to leave you to get you near him.

From Everyday Dog: Training Your Dog To Be the Companion You Want by Nancy E. Johnson.


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