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Hot Spot Natural Remedy

By Robin Tierney

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Hot Spots can lead to serious illness in dogs. They can be caused by allergies to chemicals, food, fleas and other substances, but fleas seem to be a primary source. This recipe has proven effective for many dogs suffering from Hot Spots.

3 capsules Sage
1/4 tsp. Epsom Salts
2 cups of Water

Combine all ingredients and bring this all to a boil.
Cool to room temperature and then strain out the powdered Sage.
Store in a 2-cup spray bottle or jar in the refrigerator to keep fresh.
Spray or wipe on hot spots, insect bites, or any other skin abrasions as many times a day as possible.
It heals in about 3 days, and you should begin to see some hair regrowth in a little over a week.

(adapted from an article by Charlotte Commero, CNHP, HerbalGram Natural Health Newsletter http://www.theherbpeddler.com)

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