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Finding and Keeping Pet-Friendly Rentals

By Robin Tierney

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Finding a decent rental can be a challenge for people with companion animals. Websites offering assistance include:

The HSUS Rent With Pets site ( www.rentwithpets.org ) provides resources for people with companion animals as well as rental managers. You'll find tips on locating housing, moving with your pet and persuading landlords that you and your pet will be good tenants. Useful resources include a sample reference letter and sample pet resume. There’s also helpful information for landlords. The North Bay site also offers valuable tips for motivating landlords to say "yes" to your dog or cat.

Here’s some good advice:

After you move in:

Also see other tipsheets on the PAW website http://www.paw-rescue.org such as:

"I moved roughly ten times with my cat after college when we had to relocate for work," says Partnership for Animal Welfare volunteer Deanne M. "It's all about commitment to finding the right place for everyone."


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