Baltimore Baby Pictures!

Your sponsorships have helped us make sure these kittens can grow and play and have the best life that they can, even though their little bodies are fighting feline leukemia. Here are some of their baby pictures so you can see just how far they have come!

When we first picked up the kittens, four of them were still quite small and had bad eye infections. Two of them weighed less than a pound! So they stayed together so they could cuddle up with each other to keep warm. We fed them yummy kitten food and milk replacer, and gave them antibiotics for the infections. They were soon doing much better.

In this picture you can see "Joe" Isuzu at the top left, and his brother Saab to the right. Below are Lincoln (left) and Honda (right).

Soon the kittens are thriving and having a lot of fun...

Ford hangin' out

Pontiac still has a bit of cold in his eye

Cute lil' Mercury

Mercury & Subaru: "We ain't no throw-away kitties!"


Subaru: "Did you see me on the web?!"

Volvo: "Aren't I the handsomest boy?" (Linc seems unimpressed.)

Linc to Pontiac: "Can you help me out here?"

Ford stretches out after his nap

Linc and "Joe" Isuzu hang out in their kitty bed.


Joe: "I'm outta here!"

  Time passes, and we have lost 4 of the kittens to feline leukemia: Subaru, Isuzu, Lincoln, and Saab (see our "In Memory..." page). The six who remain are happy, playful and otherwise healthy. They are now a year old!



Honda is a shy beauty

Volvo is a big boy!

And handsome!

Mr. Ford looking presidential

Mercury & Volvo

Pontiac's beefcake shot

Pontiac checks for birds

Peanut plays "Queen of the Cat Tree"

A smile from "Ms. Peanutty"

Notes from their foster mom:

Mercury ("Merc") is a beautiful gal with classical grey tabby swirls on her side. She's quite the perfect kitty! When I go to sit down, she always jumps into my chair - or onto my shoulder! She loves to walk around on my shoulder, nuzzle my hair, and just be silly. So adorable!

Volvo is all grey (the only kitten with no white), and quite the independent, playful boy. He has wonderful little "chirp" that he makes when he is playful - which is most of the time! He has become the leader of the kittens. At first he was affectionate but not a lap kitty, but now he hops right into my lap for lovings.

Subaru ("Sue") is very cute and very engaging. She is mostly white with some grey patches. (Subaru passed away on Oct. 22, due to feline leukemia.)

Pontiac ("Ponti") is a very sweet, cute boy. He likes to crawl up into my lap for cuddles then nibble my fingers. I can hold him like a baby and rub his tummy. He has distinct grey stripes and a little white patch in the middle of his back.

Honda ("Hon" - hey, she's from Baltimore) is a sweet girl, just a little shy, but that might be because she had the worst infected eyes and didn't like me poking medicine in her eyes every day. She is very beautiful, sleek and soft, and looks a lot like her brother Pontiac.

Ford ("Mr. President") is the original magnetic kitten - he sticks to you all the time! All he wants is to sit in my arms and gaze up lovingly at my face.... and then nip my nose! He's quite the lap cat and lover boy. He is grey and white - no stripes - and has one ear tipped in white.

Lincoln ("Linc") is a cuddler like his brother Ford, but doesn't try to nip my nose! He is also grey and white, but both ears are tipped in white. He is now the smallest of the kittens - he seems healthy but isn't growing very fast. (Linc passed away on December 5 due to feline leukemia.)

Isuzu ("Joe", for Joe Isuzu) is another lover boy who loves to play and cuddle with me but also has a feisty streak. He loves to "rumble" with his playmates. His grey stripes are the darkest among the kittens. ("Joe" passed away on Oct. 19, due to feline leukemia.)

Saab is the "baby", originally the smallest of the kittens; she didn't look very good at first and I thought we were going to lose her. She grew very slowly at first, perhaps due to the feline leukemia. But lately she has had a growth spurt and has filled out quite well. Her fur has become soft and thick. And a recent development - we discovered that she is a HE! I guess he was really underdeveloped for awhile there! Now nothing slows him down and he is eager to play and wrestle with the other kittens. He and Isuzu are brothers. (Saab passed away on January 26, 2002.)

Peanut is a somewhat older kitten, a very cute brown tabby gal. "Peanutty" was originally in a different foster home and had tested negative for feline leukemia along with her brother A.J., but now tests positive so she has joined in the crowd. She's quite vocal and adores affection. (A.J. continues to test negative and has been adopted by his foster parents!)

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