Blueberry Blueberry was found as a tiny kitten and brought to a local animal hospital, where she was taken in and cared for. She had a bad upper respiratory infection and a terrible infection in her eyes. Since she was homeless, the staff called PAW and asked if we could help. So, once she was healthy and able to be released from the hospital (and no longer a risk of infection to other foster cats), she went into a foster home.

Blueberry Unfortunately, there was little to be done for Blueberry's eyes. According to the opthalmologist she visited later on, she was born with deformed eyes and probably never could see. Then the infection on top of that made things even worse, and now there is chronic irritation and inflammation. Therefore the opthalmologist recommended having the eyes removed and sewn shut when she gets spayed, which is scheduled for Jan. 19. Once that is done, she will not require additional special medical attention, just the usual kitty requirement for being constantly spoiled with love and treats!


Despite the adversity she has encountered in her young life, Blueberry is very sweet and affectionate, although rather jumpy. She loves to be cuddled and combed when she isn't busy rumbling with the other kittens. Once she recovers from her surgery, she is hoping to find a special home in a stable, fairly quiet environment where the furniture doesn't get rearranged a lot, and where young kids aren't running around and leaving doors open! She is good at avoiding collisions, but still she is more vulnerable than a seeing cat.

Luckily, Blueberry recovered fine from her original illness, and is now a strong healthy kitten who loves to play and wrestle with the other cats. Her favorite game is Queen of the Castle atop her Kitty Condo -- she almost always wins! She enjoys her toys, especially the turbo scratcher, and even manages to participate in chase and teaser play. She gets around very well in the house, and can jump on and off furniture. She does bump into things, but she is intrepid, and never lets little obstacles like walls get her whiskers in a twist.

Blueberry's visit to the specialist cost $80, and her eye surgery will run about $150.

Blueberry Update: Blueberry's eyes were removed on January 19, and she is doing great. She appears to be more at ease and more comfortable than she has ever been. And she is even prettier than before.

She was also spayed at the same time, and she came home the same night ... what a trooper. Her doctor knew she would be much happier and less jittery with her foster family. So now the only thing she needs is ... a home!

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