Kiowa, a male Dalmatian about 7 or 8 years old, was dumped along a major highway with his little buddy, a furry Cockapoo. Together they managed to survive for almost a week, criss-crossing the busy road in search of food, before they were finally lured into a car and driven to safety. Kiowa, bigger, younger and stronger than his friend, was the protector of the pair, but he was quickly willing to give up that roll when a nice lady took them in and gave them a warm, dry place to stay while she searched for their owner.

When that extensive search was not fruitful, a PAW volunteer was contacted and both dogs were taken into the PAW system. When brought to his foster's home he was introduced to two other PAW Dals as well as the three resident Dals--all without incident. After cooperating during a much needed bath, a short manicure, and having his ears cleaned, he settled in and made himself right at home.

Kiowa was subsequently diagnosed with a fatal condition and given only weeks to live, but this old boy has proved to be stronger than anyone believed and now, 10 months later, he is still alive and kicking thanks to the good care of his foster parents. This gentle giant still recognizes his old furry friend when they meet, and is happy to have his buddy crawl all over him. His old friend had to have a leg amputated because of bone cancer, so they have both been through some rough times. Kiowa's requirements are few...a soft bed, enough to eat, and a gentle hand to see him through whatever the future may bring. Could you be the family that provides the forever home for our Kiowa?

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