Lady Guy!

Lady Guy is a 12-year-old Lhasa Apso who came to PAW after her owner passed away. She has arthritis in her right front leg and her left rear leg, so she "hobbles" - but she enjoys slow quiet walks. With moderate exercise and medication she seems to manage quite well, although several potential adopters commented about her profound limp. We discovered that she has elevated liver enzymes, which suggest the presence of some form of liver disease. We are pursuing a variety of tests to determine the specific problem.

Lady Guy needs daily medication for the arthritis and potentially for the liver disease. Her age and medical issues make her an unlikely candidate for adoption, so she is settling in to a long-term foster situation where she can relax in her senior years. She still misses her former owner - she has a very "serious" look on her face all the time - but she is beginning to realize that she has found a safe, quiet place. We estimate that Lady Guy's monthly care will average $55 a month.

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