Hi folks! My name is Laura. I am a small brown and white spaniel of mixed heritage. PAW rescued me from the euthanasia list at an animal shelter about two years ago. But I have not been adopted; instead I live in a PAW "special needs" foster home.

You see, after I was rescued, PAW took me to a vet for the very first checkup I had ever had! The vet said that I had a serious heart condition and would need to be on several medications for the rest of my life.

What a shock! My friends at PAW were very sad about this. But before PAW rescued me, I only had one day left to live! So I feel like every day of my life now is gravy, and so far I have surpassed the vet's expectations by over a year!

My quality of life is good. I take all my medications inside tasty treats. I get around the house just fine, sleep on the bed at night, and get lots of attention from my foster mom and her other "special needs" fosters.

I am hoping that a nice person will sponsor me to help with my medical expenses. If you could send $30 a month to help pay for my medications and vet care, my foster mom promises to send you updates and pictures of me in my fun outfits!

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