Sponsor Max!

Max's story is a familiar one - an adult male cat, apparently abandoned, unneutered (and declawed!), shows up on a doorstep, thin, hungry, and wounded, apparently from a recent cat fight. Antibiotics helped to cure his wounds, and food filled his empty tummy. Max thanked his rescuers with big cuddles and warm purrs.

But there was bad news. Max has FIV, a serious immune system disease that he probably caught during an encounter when he was on his own. FIV is similar to HIV, the disease caused in humans by the AIDS virus. It is often passed between unneutered male cats when they bite and scratch each other during fights. Just as in HIV, a cat with FIV is expected to live many years with no apparent symptoms, although he may eventually succumb to the disease. However he has to be kept separate from healthy cats.

On top of this, there was further bad news. Max is also diabetic, and now must receive insulin injections twice a day and have his blood sugar checked periodically.

Despite all this, Max is a big loverboy of a cat. He likes to be picked up and gives hugs to his foster "dad". He loves human companionship and wants to be with you all the time. It's hard for most people to adopt a pet with medical problems, but maybe there is someone out there who wouldn't mind it and would enjoy Max's wonderful companionship.

Can you help us help Max? Max's monthly costs are about $50.

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