Virtual Adoption News
VA News - December 2003

Kiowa was diagnosed with moderate lymphoplasmacytic colitis and inflammatory small bowel disease after a colonoscopy was performed. He was being treated for that as well as his chronic ear infections. Last weekend, Kiowa began to hemorrhage, losing an incredible amount of blood over a 36-hour period. On Monday, December 1st, I shared a turkey sandwich and a very large bowl of Edy's Cherry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream with him, and he finished up the rest of his special biscuits (a gift from his wonderful PAW friend, Chiung Huang!), then I took him to College Park Animal Hospital to be euthanized. He fought the good fight for the 21 months since we found him, but he was tired, in pain, and severely anemic. His system was so depressed that the sedative the doctor gave him left him unconscious, so with his head in my lap his breathing and heart came gently to a stop.

- Jackie (Kiowa's foster)

VA News - February 2003

Rosie passed away on Friday, January 31, 2003.

VA News - January 2003

January has been a bad month. The Baltimore kittens recently went to a feluk kitty hospice in Maryland.

Baltimore Kittens
Sadly, Harpo has lost his battle with cancer. He had begun to experience difficulty walking. After a couple of months of medication, using a sling to help him up and down and in an out, and acupuncture treatments, he finally "told" his foster mom that his time had come, he wanted peace. She sent him to be with his beloved Tim, the man who had raised him from a puppy and died of cancer. PAW was able to give Harpo another good 15 months after his owner died. Harpo
VA News - October 2002

Georgia pasted away on November 17, 2003 after a life long battle with her heart.

We said farewell to Lady Guy last week. Thanks to her loving and dedicated foster and her Virtual Adoption sponsors, she was able to live out a full, rewarding life despite her medical problems. Lady Guy
VA News - June 2002

Shy, sweet little Honda, one of the Baltimore kittens, passed away on June 14. She lived with feline leukemia for nearly her entire life, and she finally succumbed to it. She was a gentle, beautiful kitten who adored being petted and would flop down for pets and tummy rubs. Thanks to your help, she and her friends have had a home where they could play and nap and be loved as any kittens should.

VA News - May 2002

Dear Ginger has passed away. She had serious heart disease and wasn't expected to live long, but had 3 good years in a loving foster home with our very special volunteer Becky Soubra. Many thanks to her sponsors for helping her have some happy years.

VA News - February 2002

Thanks to the donations from our wonderful Virtual Adopters, sweet Scarlett has received the costly vet care she needed for her bad eye and skin condition. Scarlett still has FIV of course, but the great folks with the CatsRUs rescue group who originally rescued her are going to continue to care for her. So we are no longer asking for donations for Scarlett under the PAW Virtual Adoption program. Thanks all!

VA News - January 2002

Saab, one of our kittens who has feline leukemia, passed away on January 26. He had a bad start in life but bounced back to become an energetic, loving kitten who loved to play with his buddies. He was preceded by Subaru, Lincoln, and his brother Isuzu.

VA News - May 2001

Our Virtual Adoption dog, Laura, crossed the Rainbow Bridge on May 29. Laura's heart and kidneys had begun to fail, so we realized her time had come. Laura, a beautiful spaniel mix, had the benefit of loving care from PAW volunteer Becky Soubra for two years. Under Becky's care, Laura lived almost twice as long as expected. We are grateful to Becky for her devotion to Laura and her other foster animals, and to Laura's wonderful sponsors.

VA News - April 2001

Our lover boy Max has been adopted! His diabetes seems to have gone into remission too (didn't know it could do that :) YAY!

VA News - February 2001

Our sweet little Blueberry has been adopted!

VA News - January 2001

A big PAW THANK YOU to all our wonderful Virtual Adoption Sponsors! Our VA cuties Barney and Victoria are especially lucky to have several sponsors providing financial support for their care!

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