"To love in sickness and in health...." This is how we feel about Rosie, a mixed golden retriever whose beauty is truly more than skin deep. That is one reason why it's so hard to believe someone would abandon her. After Rosie was hit by a car, the emergency vet discovered this two-year-old had a heart condition. The former owners just left her along with her medical bill.

Six months ago, PAW consulted a cardiologist, and discovered this poor girl had two birth defects. One, called PDA, should have been corrected when she was a puppy, but now it is too late -- her heart cannot bear the risk of surgery. Instead, Rosie remains on heart medication, visits the cardiologist every six months and has captured the heart of her kind foster mom, who cares for many PAW dogs. This committed caregiver has searched for a quiet home in which Rosie can live out her days, which are numbered. But so far, we have not found an adopter who can give her the special attention she needs, while accepting that Rosie could suffer a heart attack at any time. Her medical needs run about $64 a month.

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