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Georgia on My Mind
April 2001 November 17, 2003

Georgia was one of many many kittens at a local county shelter whose time was up. Her curious round eyes looked out at the PAW volunteer, and the volunteer knew right away that she couldn't let Georgia be euthanized. If she had known then that Georgia had a serious heart condition, it would not have changed her mind. In spite of Georgia's health problems, she found a wonderful forever home where she was loved, treasured, and cared for. Her foster caretakers and her adopters hoped that with medication, and with her great spirit and love of life, she would be able to live a long and happy life. To our deep sorrow, Georgia lost her battle on November 17, at the age of 2 years.
Georgia was always happy, sweet, loving, playful, and ready for anything. When she was picked up she would purr enthusiastically and make adorable cooing sounds. She loved to give kisses and pat faces with her paws, and she loved to dance with her foster mom. Her main goal in life was to have as much fun as possible, and she achieved that goal, even though her life was far too short. She was greatly loved and she will be greatly missed.

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