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Sniffing Hopie Sleeping Hopie Hope & Sammy
February 1997 - March 3, 2006

Hope *Blossoms* was diagnosed with cancer in the spring of 2004. She had surgery to remove a lump that had grown on her left front elbow. The surgery was successful but it was clear that the surgery took it's toll on Hopie. She was slow to recover and never really did come back to her normal energy level. During a consultation with an oncologist, it was learned that Hope had additional tumors--one of which was inoperable.

Hopie never knew she had a fatal disease. She continued to live life to the fullest albeit rather slowly. Her long walks in the country are more like short strolls and she slept more hours it seemed than there was in a day. Hope *Blossoms* was the ultimate survivor!

Through all of this Hope *Blossoms* waged her tail when she heard her name; she sniffed everyone and everything in her world; she tossed her head back in typical beagle fashion and howled her joy at life. And when she was really, really intent on something in her environment, she wrinkled her brow in deep concentration.

Howling Hopie, you will be missed.

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