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Success With Your New Pet: Tips That Work!

© Tim Bansham (www.sillyart.com)
used with permission

Come to Your Dog's Friend Free workshop and learn secrets for success.

Planning to get a dog? Have a new dog? Whether you're a first-time pet owner or you've had dogs before, come to our FREE workshop and learn the latest about:
  • Proven techniques for teaching good behaviors
  • Secrets to stopping undesired behavior
  • Hints for faster housebreaking
  • Solutions to common problems
  • How to be "leader of the pack" and gain your dog's respect
  • Pointers about obedience training
  • Choosing the right canine companion for your lifestyle
  • Better ways to handle the challenges of dog ownership
  • Health and dietary tips
  • Creative ways to meet a dog's exercise needs
  • How to develop a new daily routine for you and your dog
  • Free tip sheets
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